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Experienced Agents who Know New York

We have been selling properties in New York City of all types and in all market conditions. Leverage our insight into the market, keen use of pricing strategies, and marketing power to bring your property the best and highest qualified offer, fast. 

Don’t believe agents who tell you your home will be not sell unless you are willing to pay 6% of your purchase price to your agent. We offer you the same high level services for significantly less. No compromises.

Strategies that Deliver

Pricing is at least 80% of the sellability of a home. Our expert agents use a data-centric and comprehensive approach powered by Perchwell data to pricing your property. We then build strategies around several scenarios that are proven to elicit offers from buyers.

We know buyers and we know New York. We advise on everything from staging to showcasing your home to make sure everyone sees its potential in the fullest. 

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Staging and Presentation

Both virtual and physical staging celebrates your property and connects with buyers’ future use. From the moment they see your property listed, we work hard to get them excited and motivated to put in an offer.

Marketing Reach

We place your property’s listing in the same places the top brokerage firms in the city use. In fact, we even place your property in their website as well as the private databases agents use to find listings.

We are proud members of REBNY and actively co-broke with other agencies and brokerages throughout the city.  

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No pressure, no compromises. If you looking to sell now or planning on doing so in the near future...