Investor Services

Acquisition Services

Buying an investment property requires a different perspective than purchasing a home for personal use. At Modern Domain, we use an objective, data-centric approach with key insights from Perchwell to value investment properties and meet your investment criteria. It’s the perfect approach for small, medium and first-time investors in the New York City market.

Perchwell Analytic Charts
Multi-colorful brownstones in Harlem

Cash Rebate on Investment Purchases

Not only do we offer you a significant cash-back at closing we also work alongside you to fill vacancies, handle the entire leasing process, and even manage your rent rolls for you. Working with Modern Domain puts a team of leasing experts at your fingertips regardless if you are a first-time investor or if you manage a portfolio of hundreds of properties. For larger portfolios, we can work in step with your existing property management team to ensure a smooth lease renewal process and maximize your returns on leased properties.

Key Services We Offer

Market Pricing and Conditions

We continuously monitor the market and keep you updated on the variables that directly affect your portfolio.

Rent Rolls and Pro Forma

For multi-unit portfolios and building management, we can handle rent rolls, monitoring lease expirations and showing how any incentives impact the bottom line.

Lease Renewal Management

We can be the point of contact for lease renewals, handling the notifications, negotiation, and paperwork.

Filling Vacancies

We professionally market the property, handle all inquiries and showings, as well as taking care of all of the application and leasing paperwork.

Lease Breaks

Lease breaks are often left to the tenant themselves, but open landlords to numerous challenges. We work with the tenants to ensure their needs are met while not undermining other potential vacancies in the building. 

Tenant Retention

For larger properties, we implement several strategies to build a positive tenant environment and assist your property management team in addressing issues before they escalate. 

Let's Work Together

Reach out to us to discuss your current investment portfolio. We can work to help you reposition your portfolio, uncover and actualize returns and ensure an almost 'turn key' experience throughout your entire holdings.