Save up to 2% Cash Back Buying a Home in New York City

After years of working at some of the top brokerages in New York, we developed a system that saves thousands off buying property throughout the city. We have helped hundreds of clients navigate the buying process for co-ops, condos, townhomes and new development properties. 

Register with Us

The first step is to sign up and let us know you are interested in partnering with us in your property purchase. We get to know you a bit more, hear what is essential in your search and make sure you are set up and ready for the process. We can also evaluate your purchasing abilities, connect with your mortgage team if necessary, and layout some winning strategies for buying in NYC that fits you and who you are.

Perchwell Search Panel

Search for Properties

Finding properties can happen in a variety of ways. You can search on your own through sites like Streeteasy, or even other brokerage’s websites. We also invite you to our own real estate app – the same platform a number of top brokerages use – which lists 99% of all available properties in the city. That’s generally up to 20,000 properties for sale in the city at any given time, all of which you can buy through our services and receive your cash rebate at closing.

Viewing Properties

Open Houses

Go to any open house, just register Modern Domain as your agent immediately when you arrive. Or better yet, email us a day ahead and we will pre-register you with the seller’s agent.

Private Tours

We can schedule private viewings of properties, handling access and all of the logistics. We are happy to join you, guiding you through the property and your decision-making process.

New Development

New Development works differently than other properties – it is imperative you allow us to have “first contact” otherwise there may not be an opportunity to collect a commission (even though they offer it!). Our starter package will explain this in more detail after you register with us.

Make an Offer

From placing offers to be handed the keys, when you are ready we are ready

Run Comparative Analysis

We help determine the true value of the property, what makes a compelling offer, and guide you throughout the bidding process.

Strategize Your Offer

We work with you to determine the best strategies for submitting your offer and we begin planning a negotiation strategy to get you the best deal possible.

Negotiate Price and Terms

We deliver your offer and terms to the seller and negotiate until you are completely satisfied with the accepted offer.

Coordinate Your Team

It’s takes a team of pros to secure your home – your agent, lawyer, mortgage professional and others. We coordinate the communications between them all, ensuring we are all focused on getting you to the closing table as soon as possible.

Build Winning Board Packages

We have years of experience in structuring board packages that present you in the best light possible. Together, we finalize the package and deliver it to the board.

Support and Guidance

We are with you every step of the way from the moment you reach out to us until your movers arrive. Let us help you find your New York!

happy family in parlor room of their new home

Receive Your Refund

That’s it! 

We work with you straight through to the closing table, and when when we receive our commission you receive a check from us!

It’s our way of thanking you for your business, stretch your purchasing power a bit more, and of course to give you an opportunity to Live Your New York!

“I encourage all real estate brokers and salespersons in New York to consider enhancing the choices available to real estate buyers by offering lower commissions (by means of rebates) to some or all of your clients.”

Attorney General of New York, April 20, 2015.