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New York City Real Estate

Notes and insights into what makes New York City so different from almost anywhere else. We share information about the current markets, opportunities, and trends. And, of course, how buyers can leverage our Buyer Rebate Program to make this fantastic city just a bit more liveable. 

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How the Buying Process Works in NYC for Co-Ops and Condos

At Modern Domain, we try to make buying a home in New York City as effortless and transparent as possible. New York is a complicated city, and buying here is a daunting experience for many, even hardened New Yorkers. That’s why having a knowledgable and trusted partner who understands the

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One Thing Real Estate Agent’s Don’t Tell You

In a world where we love to control the entire shopping experience, utilizing a dedicated real estate agent to buy property in New York seems unnecessary. Why should a buyer have to ‘go through’ an agent when virtually all properties for sale are listed online? Browsing through properties, and stopping

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How to Succeed Buying a Home in New York City

Few things captivate a New Yorker like the city’s own real estate. Newcomers are often taken aback when asked where they live – and sometimes even how much they paid for – their place in the city. Many New Yorkers who would never consider moving get regular email alerts from

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Get an Edge Buying Residential Property in New York City

Modern Domain knows NYC and what is takes to secure a co-op, condo, townhouse and other residential properties throughout the Five Boroughs. Save tens of thousands of dollars buying with zero compromise.

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